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BSPB Award

Jamie Day
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Jamie Day

This award is no longer being run.


The BSPB Award - sponsored by the British Society of Plant Breeders - will be won by an exceptional article exploring innovation in plant breeding and seed technologies, that highlights the application and impact of plant breeding, both before and beyond the farm gate.

Open only to Members of the Guild, potential entries could cover plant breeding technology, on-farm exploitation of latest plant types and varieties, and impact on end markets. They could relate to any farm or commercial horticulture crop, such cereals and oilseed rape, grasses and other forage crops, sugar beet, potatoes and field-scale vegetables.

Entry deadline: This award is being deferred for 12 months as BSPB is sponsoring an aspect of the pre-event tour for IFAJ Congress 2014 delegates in September 2014

Entry details here

BSPBThe British Society of Plant Breeders is the representative body for the UK plant breeding industry. Formerly the Plant Royalty Bureau, the organisation was formed in 1966 after the UK Plant Varieties & Seeds Act 1964 established a legal framework for collecting seed royalties on protected varieties. Today, BSPB represents more than 50 members, comprising virtually 100% of public and private sector breeding activity in the UK. The Society has two core functions – royalty collection and industry representation.



BGAJ BSPB award 2013 - Tom Allen-Stevens + Chris GreenAn article that reports on a plant breeding programme producing hybrid varieties of wheat won Crop Production Magazine editor Tom Allen-Stevens the first of the Guild's BSPB journalism awards.

The exclusive feature, resulting from a visit to a commercial plant breeding site in France, describes the attractive characteristics of the varieties being developed and their potential for growers in Britain.

Award judges Chris Green of Senova (pictured far right presenting the award to Tom), Robert Hiles of Syngenta and Bob Miles of Elsoms Seeds, described the piece as a very readable and well-researched story.

"The hybrid wheat article is valuable to the thinking farmer, with good factual and technical content," they added. "It's an article with plenty of interest and originality, plenty of facts with clear reasoning and discussion around them.

"It was written in an informed manner with good input from the journalist, was educational, clearly and methodically written and presented, and would hold readers' attention," the judges concluded.

Tom received his award at a pre-Cereals Event dinner staged by the British Society of Plant Breeders.

Read Tom's winning article here.

BGAJ BSPB award 2013 - winning article

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