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‘Grammar and language tips for journalists and PR people’ plus ‘Improve your proof-reading’

Johann Tasker
01206 263807
Johann Tasker

 ‘Mind your language:
grammar and language tips for journalists and PR people’ plus
‘Improve your proof-reading’

9.00am to 5.00pm
hursday, 16 June 2016

bbey Park
V8 2TQ 

As part of the Guild’s CPD programme available to all members, we are holding two courses - ‘Mind your language: grammar and language tips for journalists and PR people’ and ‘Improve Your Proof Reading’ - on Thursday, 16th June 2016.

Mind Your Language (Half-day course)    

This highly practical workshop will give attendees greater confidence when dealing with the quirks and oddities of the English language they encounter while writing and editing material. It will include practical hints and tips and exercises. Course content:

  • How to use apostrophes
  • Commas, semi-colons and colons: what’s that all about?
  • Using punctuation in quotes – a guide to what goes inside and outside quotation marks
  • Sentence construction and types of sentence
  • Dangling participles (no they’re not a medical condition) and how to avoid them
  • When to use ‘that’ and when to use ‘which’
  • The role of hyphens
  • Other common mistakes and areas of confusion
  • Your grammar and language questions answered

Improve Your Proof-Reading (Half-day course)

This is a practical session offering some useful hints and tips for proof-readers and subs. The session will look at how to read and spot errors more effectively and will include a look at attendees’ own material where possible. Course content:

  • Taking a systematic approach to proof-reading
  • How people read – and how to avoid ‘scanning’ when proofing
  • Training your brain to spot errors of sense and accuracy in copy, headlines, captions, links etc
  • Common proof reading errors, including ‘spot the mistake’
  • Spelling and grammar mistakes to look out for – and why you can’t rely on spell-checkers
  • A look at typical content you’re currently proofing, if available
  • Proofing and subbing: The big picture. Taking an overview and thinking logically
  • An introduction to proof-reading marks, if relevant

About the trainer 

David Mascord has more than 20 years’ experience in journalism and editorial training. He has worked in staff and freelance roles for consumer and B2B print and web titles. He is a training consultant delivering training for staff at major publishers, including RBI and Time Inc UK (formerly IPC), and is an associate lecturer in journalism and media law at Bournemouth University and Southampton Solent University. 

The cost of the two-course workshop – including lunch and refreshments, plus all handouts – is £95.00. 

To secure your place, please book online at

Please book no later than Wednesday, 8 June

For further details, call Julie Mate, BGAJ Council and CPD Facilitator on 07775 847123 or email:

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