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BGAJ Award eAlert - KEENAN Alltech Innovation Award 2017

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Johann Tasker

KEENAN Alltech Farming Innovation Award

£2000 prize fund

Entry deadline: Friday, September 8th

The 2017 BGAJ/KEENAN Alltech Farming Innovation Award is now open for entries that report examples of innovative approaches to farming challenges.

“Continuous innovation is the lifeblood of any company,” notes Keenan chief executive Robert Walker. “Innovation is what made Keenan the iconic brand it is today.

“Speed to market is king – new innovation must be brought to market quickly to gain first mover advantage.  Companies can no longer rely on trademarks and patents to protect their intellectual property. Innovation should be interwoven into a company’s culture, no matter how big or small, with Innovation the natural result of a team’s curiosity and excitement.”

The BGAJ/KEENAN Alltech Farming Innovation Award has broad scope in terms of subject matter.

Caroline StocksLast year’s winning entry by Caroline Stocks, published in Farmers Weekly, described an innovative approach to running a dairy business, adopting high-tech management systems to increase yields, reduce costs and create a profitable enterprise.

Runner-up Nick Fone’s article in Profi International detailed the investment in a robotic milking system and a technology-packed building enabled a Dorset dairy farm's cow numbers to be doubled for significant economies of scale that shaved 2.5ppl off the cost of production.

All previous winning entries can be read on the KEENAN Alltech Farming Innovation Award web page here.

For this year's award, entries reporting on innovation – in all its forms – are eligible as long as they have been published or broadcast in Great Britain between 1 July 2016 and 30 June 2017.

Entries can be made by the author or a third party (an editor or producer, for example) and are limited to one entry per Member of the Guild. A specialist panel appointed by the Guild and KEENAN Alltech will judge the entries.

The author of the winning article or broadcast will receive £1250, the runner-up £750. The prizes will be presented at the Guild's annual Harvest Lunch at Painters Hall in the City of London on Thursday, October 12th.

To enter, email one copy of your article or broadcast recording to the BGAJ/KEENAN Alltech Farming Innovation Award co-ordinator Doreen Forsyth, no later than Friday, September 8th.

Include in your email:

Author’s name and contact telephone number

Title and date of publication/broadcast

A brief description of the purpose of the article

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