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BGAJ eAlert - Farming Media Centre

Johann Tasker
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Johann Tasker

This eAlert will remain available to read in the eAlerts Archive section of the Guild website.

Farming Media Centre 'live' on the Guild website

A new resource is now live on the Guild website. The Farming Media Centre is the agricultural media’s shop window, providing a means for anyone to search for and contact a journalist, photographer, PR specialist or publisher associated with the Guild, or to find magazines, newspapers and websites covering agriculture, commercial horticulture and other rural topics.

While the Farming Media Centre will be a useful resource for Members and Friends of the Guild to use, its value as a membership benefit - especially to those who offer writing, photography and PR services - will be enhanced when it is actively promoted to commercial and other interests in the rural sector.

“This new resource builds on the original version conceived by Adrian Bell and it functions in much the same way,” says Peter Hill, who has overseen the development. “This time it is incorporated into the Guild website and has a directory of publications, websites and broadcast programme in addition to the listings showing members' professional interests and expertise.”

Guild chairman, Ben Briggs says: “The Farming Media Centre is an unrivalled information hub which provides links to UK farming journalists and PR professionals. To be able to call upon such a resource will prove invaluable for those working within the industry, but also national journalists and others looking to track down the country's leading farm communicators. Use it, share it and make the most of this great website.”

Catherine Linch, Guild deputy chairman comments: “A central online portal of Guild membership and sector publications will be incredibly valuable for when you need to reach or look-up a contact, or to find out some stats on the industry media. I can see that it’s the sort of resource our team at Pinstone would use almost daily.”

Membership listing: The membership listing displays either a full list of Members and Friends of the Guild or a list selected by certain search criteria.

In both cases, entries are displayed in random rather than alphabetical order so that everyone has a chance to come top of the list. Members or Friends who prefer not to have an entry displayed can opt out - please read on.

BGAJ FMC search
Publications directory: The 'publications' directory is presented by title in alphabetical order. It gives brief details of the topics covered and main editorial contacts, along with website and digital archives of publications where available.

Members of the Guild among the editorial contacts are identified so they can be contacted through the membership section of the Farming Media Centre.

Publishers can add value to the listing by purchasing a short statement about the commercial aspects of the publication or website, with links to advertisement sales contacts, rate cards, and so on.

FMC - publications list 

Membership database: The new Farming Media Centre is built on a membership database comprising two parts. The ‘personal’ section records home contact details and can be seen and accessed only by the Member or Friend concerned and by Guild officers with ‘website administrator’ status.

The ‘public’ section contains business details that are visible online in the Farming Media Centre membership listing and will be published in the Guild Year Book later this year.

Entry updates

One important feature of the new Farming Media Centre is that Members and Friends have the opportunity - and responsibility - to keep their own entries up to date online.

“I suggest going to the Guild website ( and clicking on one of the Farming Media Centre links on the home page to see what the published entries look like,” says Peter Hill. “Then use the link at the bottom of this eAlert to collect a one-time login password.”

An individual profile page is displayed after logging in:

FMC - profile page

Apart from the 'Additional Info' section, which is for adminstrator use only, each section can be opened and updated; some boxes are ‘required’ to ensure the database functions correctly.

Apart from contact information, there are key elements to look for:

1: In the Personal section, a portrait photograph can be added if there isn’t one there already; this should be cropped quite tightly to fit the available space – have a look at other members’ pictures for guidance.

2: In the Business section, choose whether to display or hide business email address and telephone number. If you choose to hide the address, enquiries can still reach you by email using the Farming Media Centre contact mechanism.

3: Also in the Business section, make full use of the ‘description’ box by providing information about the job you do, special interests, areas of expertise and any services offered – up to 25 words are available.

4: In the Farming Media Centre section, ‘tick box’ your expertise and disciplines for the search function. There is also a tick box within the introductory text - uncheck it if you would prefer not to have your entry displayed online.

In all cases, be sure to click Save & Close whenever you make changes!

First time login

To login, click on or copy and paste the link below into your browser. Enter your business email address and click 'Continue'; this will generate an email message containing a one-time login link that will expire after 24 hours.

If the email address you enter is not recognised, send an email message to Peter Hill who can check which address has been allocated in the database.

The first-time login link:

“I hope this all goes smoothly for everyone but I daresay there will be some glitches to sort out," he adds. "Do get in touch if you have any difficulties or queries about the content of the membership database or Farming Media Centre – and any suggestions for improvements will be welcome.”

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