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BGAJ eAlert - Year Book Updates - Deadline: Nov 16

Johann Tasker
01206 263807
Johann Tasker

This eAlert will remain available to read in the eAlerts Archive section of the Guild website.

Guild Year Book in preparation - check your entry

Deadline - Wednesday, November 16

The Guild's next Year Book is now in preparation so it is time for all Members, Friends, Retired Members and Honorary Members of the Guild to check their profiles to ensure the membership listing is as accurate and up to date as possible.

Please read the notes below for guidance - you can click on the images to open separate PDF documents that are clearer to read.

The deadline for all changes is Wednesday, November 16

To access your online Business profile, please login to the Guild website from the home page. If you have not logged in previously, open and scroll down to the end of the Farming Media Centre eAlert here for instructions.

If anything is unclear or you experience difficulties, please contact Guild subscriptions manager Peter Hill by email or on 07739 287268.

BGAJ YB Updates

Now move on to the Farming Media Centre profile to ensure the information displayed online and used for Search is correct.

BGAJ FMC Updates

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