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BGAJ/IFAJ eAlert - Alltech Young Leaders Award

Johann Tasker
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Johann Tasker

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Calling all Under 35 Members of the Guild!

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Attend IFAJ Congress 2016 and Young Leaders personal development Boot Camp in Germany

€1000 financial support from Alltech and IFAJ plus cost of travel assistance from the Guild


Deadline: Friday, February 12

The IFAJ-Alltech Young Leaders in Agricultural Journalism Award recognises the leadership potential of young members of Guilds and similar agri media organisations in countries belonging to the International Federation of Agricultural Journalists.

Open to Members aged 35 or less, the Guild can nominate a candidate for one of ten €1000 (£760) scholarships available through the generous sponsorship of Alltech to offset registration and accommodation fees involved in attending IFAJ Congress 2016 in Germany during July this year.

Additional cost of travel assistance will be available from Guild funds in return for a committment to report back to the Guild on the Boot Camp and Congress experience.

"We've successfully nominated several Members of the British Guild for this award in past years, including freelance Ben Pike last year," points out Ben Briggs, Guild chairman. "We're very keen to help another young Member have this wonderful experience and to benefit from the camaraderie and professional development of the Boot Camp."

The 2015 experience

Ben PikeBen Pike, the Guild's 2015 nominee, says: "The Congress was a brilliant networking opportunity - both with the U35s who exchanged a lot of ideas and opinions on global agriculture, and the rest of the delegates who all had interesting perspectives on agricultural journalism.

"The farm visits included in the programme presented loads of opportunities for features, and I came back with a notebook full of copy to write up," he adds. "I would recommend it to anyone who wants to build a network of contacts and gain a really good understanding of agriculture in the host country.

"I've got the bug now and will certainly be attending more IFAJ events and congresses now I know what they offer."

IFAJ Congress 2015 - Master Class + Boot Camp

Josephine van Gelder, who helps organise the Master Class and Boot Camp says: "This series of classes that we organise for agricultural journalists from developing countries and for young future leaders are prominent activities of the IFAJ. Apart from the exchanges on professional methods and ideas, I personally always like the way we share cultural aspects that might influence how things are done in a certain country."

Boot Camp

Successful candidates will join other young agricultural journalists and broadcasters from around the World for a unique two-day professional development Boot Camp before participating in the full Congress programme of visits to farms and other rural enterprises and one-day conference session.

IFAJ Congress 2015 - Master Class + Boot CampThe Boot Camp provides expert training and feedback through on-site writing or broadcasting, while developing young leaders' skills through formal in-class training. Some joint sessions will be held with students from developing countries participating in the IFAJ Master Class training programme. Mentors will guide the Young Leaders award winners throughout the congress programme as they write or record spot news during the event.

The IFAJ and Alltech believe it is important to support and nurture those who are destined to develop in the profession, to help IFAJ grow and to contribute positively to the global advancement of agricultural journalism and communications.

So candidates should have leadership potential in addition to being skilled journalists, emphasises IFAJ secretary Riitta Mustonen: "This distinguishes the Young Leaders Award from others organised by IFAJ because successful candidates will have been or want to be a leader in their guild or in their media. Maybe candidates have an interest in international relationships or want to learn how to develop journalism or education in their guild.”

IFAJ Congress 2014

How to apply

To be considered as the Guild's nominee, Under 35 Members need to email Guild secretary Nikki Robertson setting out ambitions for their career and involvement in the Guild, and how they think the personal development Boot Camp and this year's congress might help achieve them.

Adrian Bell, the Guild's IFAJ representative says: "While the Alltech awards are about personal development of the individual, the key element for the judges is assessing how a winner might use what they learn from the Boot Camp and Congress to contribute to, and foster, the future development of their home Guild.

"I'm happy to explain to any interested candidates what the judges might be looking for and therefore how the applications might be pitched," he adds.

Deadline: Friday, February 12

IFAJ/Alltech Young Leaders Boot Camp - July 10-12

IFAJ Congress 2016 - July 13-17

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