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GAJ eAlert - Press Conference & Annual Meeting

Johann Tasker
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Johann Tasker

Invitation – Press Conference

Thursday, March 17

National Motorcycle Museum, Birmingham


The Greener Revolution – challenge and choices for UK sustainability

All Guild members are invited to the first media briefing on UK perspectives of the policy document Foresight: The Future of Food & Farming. Published just a few weeks ago, this important and influential report aims to answer the challenge of how the agriculture and food industries can feed a global population of 9 billion people by 2050.

ForesightIn his foreword, Government chief scientist Sir John Beddington says: “The case for urgent action in the global food system is now compelling. We are at a unique moment in history as diverse factors converge to affect the demand, production and distribution of food over the next 20 to 40 years. The food system must become sustainable, whilst adopting to climate change and contributing to climate change mitigation.”

The Guild press briefing, which forms part of the Midlands and National annual general meetings programme, will address UK agriculture’s requirements for the next five to 10 years to meet this goal.

Prof Ian CruteGeorge Freeman MPResponses to proposals by Prof Ian Crute (far left), chief scientist at the Agriculture & Horticulture Development Board (AHDB) will come from George Freeman MP (top right), chairman-elect, all-party Parliamentary Group for Science, Technology and Agriculture; Essex farmer Guy Smith (bottom left), representing the arable sector; Nick Green Nick GreenGuy Smith(bottom right), farm operations director at north Somerset dairy, pig and dairy farming and cheese-making business Alvis Brothers; and pig producer Robin Thompson.

The briefing will be chaired by Norfolk farmer, columnist and commentator, Guild member David Richardson.

 Topics in focus will include:

The role and consumer perceptions of genetic modification (GM) and other cutting-edge technologies;

Practical and novel ways to control pests following EU pesticide bans;

Appropriate energy sources;

Practical and novel ways to minimise waste;

UK trade interaction with the global marketplace.

The event offers good interview and copy opportunities for journalist members of the Guild and client briefings for PR members - Guild members are welcome to bring one guest; representatives of a number of leading farm and rural organisations have also been invited. A £5 per person contribution from Guild members will go towards administrative and other costs.

RSVP  To help with catering, please register firm intentions to attend with event organiser, Guild Midlands secretary Liz Snaith - 01743 344986.



09.30 for 09.45  Guild Midlands group annual general meeting – review of past year’s events, activities and finances; plans for 2011/12; election of officers.

10.15 for 10.30  Guild national annual general meeting – review of past year’s events, activities and finances; plans for 2011/12; election of officers. Download agenda here.

11.15 for 11.30  Press conference – UK perspectives on the policy document Foresight: The Future of Food & Farming.

Chairman: David Richardson, Norfolk farmer, columnist, commentator

Prof Ian Crute, chief scientist, AHDB

George Freeman MP, all-party parliamentary group, Science, Technology and Agriculture

Nick Green, Alvis Brothers, dairy farmers and cheese-makers

Guy Smith, arable farmer and commentator

13.00  Buffet lunch - courtesy of event and venue sponsor AGCO, with special thanks to Guild member Paul Lay, European communications manager

14.00   Free entry to National Motorcycle Museum exhibits

Location: The National Motorcycle Museum is located on the Junction 6 island of the M42, directly opposite the National Exhibition Centre (NEC). Note that some sat-nav systems incorrectly position the museum’s post code several miles from its actual location. Unless your system has the museum as a ‘special location’ it is best to use the B92 0ED post code of the nearby Esso fuel station, and once on the A45 and in the vicinity of the NEC watch out for the museum’s brown direction signs. For those travelling from some distance, note the Birmingham International Airport and the rail station at the NEC are just a few minutes’ drive away.



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