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Another successful format for annual meeting

Peter Hill
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Peter Hill

The Guild's 2012 annual meeting, held at the Malmaison Hotel in The Mailbox, Birmingham, introduced another new format and programme to keep the event fresh. Before visiting the BBC offices and studios in the same building (see separate report), there were formalties to deal with, including the re-election of the Guild's enthusiastic and supportive president, Somerset farmer Lord Cameron of Dillington, and chairman Adrian Bell.

The Stuart Seaton award for farming and rural affairs journalism in a regional newspaper was awarded - see separate report on the Awards page - and rule changes were adopted by members at the meeting.

As a result, the official title of the organisation is now the British Guild of Agricultural Journalists (instead of the more cumbersome Guild of Agricultural Journalists of Great Britain) and there is no longer a requirement for a minimum proportion of journalist members.

The Guild's committment to the International Federation of Agricultural Journalists and the new European Network of Agricultural Journalists is emphasised in the rules; there is a formal two-year term for the Chairman and Deputy Chairman; and management Council meetings may now be conducted through video- or teleconferencing if required.

A document detailing these rule changes was linked to the AGM eAlert sent out in February.

A detailed report on the Guild in 2011 is available here.

The Honorary Treasurer's report in available here.

A summary of the audited accounts can be studied here.

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