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Livestock Show / Dairy Event

Liz Snaith
01743 344986
Liz Snaith

BGAJ Livestock 2012The Guild's reception for members at the Livestock Show (formerly the Dairy Event) provides welcome refreshment at the end of a busy first day of this most important event in the livestock sector's calendar. Held in a venue made available by the event organiser, the Royal Association of British Dairy Farmers (RABDF), members get to enjoy a good spread of English cheeses, accompanied by a glass or two of red wine, thanks to generous sponsorship from NFU Mutual.



It's good to see that hosts who serve English wine no longer have to justify their choice to guests - the product stands on its own merits. That was certainly the case with the two white served at the Guild's Livestock Event reception.


More than 50 members took the opportunity to meet up and wind down after a hectic first day at the Livestock 2012 event.


Tempted by a fine selection of traditional English cheeses and canapes of ruby veal, more than 60 members attended the Guild's reception on the first day of the Dairy Event & Livestock Show.


More than 40 members met up at the first Guild reception to be staged at the Dairy Event & Livestock Show.

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