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Livestock Event 2013

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RABDF Livestock EventIt's good to see that hosts who serve English wine no longer have to justify their choice to guests - the product stands on its own merits. That was certainly the case with the two white served at the Guild's Livestock Event reception.

Tuck in! Katie Lomas of Farmers Guardian, and foodchain consultant Cedric Porter sample the English cheeses on offer.

The wines - one from Shropshire, the other from Herefordshire - accompanied a good selection of Engish cheeses, which went down well with the Members and Friends of the Guild who enjoyed the get-together.

"It's nice to catch up with colleagues and fellow journalists at the end of the day and have a good chat," says Angela Calvert, senior sales and livestock reporter on Farmers Guardian. "During a busy event like this, there's only time for a quick "Hello" during the day."

Livestock Event press officer Liz Snaith, a Member of the Guild, organised the event in the press centre, which RABDF made available for the reception. Freelance farming and countryside photographer Kevin Milner, whose portfolio includes images from major agricultural and country pursuits events, provided the following pictures.

RABDF Livestock Event

Hannah Lloyd of Pinstone Communications (left) with Farmers Guardian editor Emma Penny and Louise Hartley, who joined Farmers Guardian shortly before the Livestock Event as a reporter. She won the 'top student' award on the Guild's John Deere Training Award scheme in 2012.

RABDF Livestock Event

Mike Donovan (left), editor of Practical Farm Ideas with Dei Tomos, freelance broadcast presenter and reporter, who covers agri-politics and farming issues in Wales and the EU.






RABDF Livestock Event From left: Amy Robinson, who works at Liz Snaith Consultants, with Katie Lomas, livestock editor and Angela Calvert, senior shows and livestock reporter, Farmers Guardian.

RABDF Livestock Event

Dairy Industry Newsletter duo - deputy editor Catherine Paice and editor Barry Wilson.








RABDF Livestock Event


The RQB PR team - Rachel Queenborough with Emily White.


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