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How members help the Trust

Stephen Howe
01342 893018
Stephen Howe

The original 1993 start-up sum of £3000 has grown considerably over the years thanks to the fund-raising efforts of members, friends and colleagues. The late Peter Bullen, Guild Chairman 1993-94, who originally conceived the idea of the Trust, ran the London Marathon on six occasions and former Trust committee chairman Arthur Anderson undertook a 180-mile sponsored walk from the Thames Barrier to the source of the Thames.

BGAJ HarvestCurrent chairman of Trustees, Stephen Howe, organised a successful Burns Night Supper at The Farmers Club and has energetically auctioned Wimbledon tennis championship tickets at the Harvest Lunch on numerous occasions - as pictured in a double act with fellow Trustee Denis Chamberlain.

In 2011, former Guild chairman, journalist Ronnie Fraser, left a generous legacy of more than £12,400 to the Charitable Trust capital fund.

The late Derek Watson and others former members have also remembered the Trust in their Wills.





Important sources of income include:

  • Legacies and donations
  • Social fund-raising events
  • Harvest Lunch prize draw
  • The '200 Club' cash prize scheme

At the last count, the Charitable Trust had built its fund to more than £150,000 earning interest from which payments to Guild members in difficulty can be made.

Individual members can help the Trust achieve its £200,000 capital target through any of the above means on an ad hoc basis (the 2012 Harvest Lunch prize draw and auction raised more than £2200) but can also make a regular contribution through the 200 Club – and have the chance of winning a cash prize!

Former Charitable Trust chairman Arthur Anderson at the Thames Barrier about to start his sponsored walk to the source of the river.






The 200 Club

The 200 Club works through an annual subscription to shares which qualify the holder to participate in cash prize draws held during the year – usually at the Guild’s annual meeting in spring and at the harvest lunch in autumn.

At each draw there is a £250 first prize, £100 second prize and two £50 prizes. This is the easiest – and potentially most rewarding – way to contribute to the Trust. The annual subscription is £10 for a single share up to £100 for a maximum of 10 shares, each with two chances a year of winning a cash prize.

You can subscribe to the 200 Club simply by downloading a bank standing order form or by contacting:

Diane Montague, treasurer
British Guild of Agricultural Journalists Charitable Trust
Chatham House
115 Widmore Road
Kent BR1 3AH
Tel: 020 8290 1212.

Annual subscribers to the 200 Club have won these cash prizes:

Draw held at the 2016 Harvest Lunch
£250 Jamie Day
£100 Denis Frost
  £50 David Kelsey
  £50 Godfrey Brown

Draw held at the 2016 Annual Meeting
£250 Teresa Wickham
£100 Louise Impey
  £50 John Kenyon
  £50 Jane Craigie

Draw held at the 2015 Harvest Lunch
£250 Denis Frost
£100 Teresa Wickham
  £50 Diane Montague
  £50 William Howatson

Draw held at the 2015 Annual Meeting
£250 David Kelsey
£100 Maxwell Reader
  £50 Denis Frost
  £50 Amy Jarvis

Draw held at the 2014 Harvest Lunch:
£250 Godfrey Brown
£100 Roger Smith
  £50 Baroness Hazel Byford
  £50 Peter Adams

Draw held at the 2014 Annual Meeting:
£250 Natalie Yeatman-Reed
£100 Peter Adams
  £50 Teresa Wickham
  £50 Guy Attenborough

Draw held at the 2013 Harvest Lunch:
£250 Tessa Bevan
£100 Godfrey Brown
  £50 Mary Cherry
  £50 Prof John Nix
Draw held at the 2013 Annual Meeting:
£250 Bill Howatson
£100 Wendy Ryder
  £50 Grieve Carson
  £50 Colin Jackson

Draw held at the 2012 Harvest Lunch:
£250 Peter Hill
£100 David Collett
  £50 Godfrey Brown
  £50 Derek Watson

Draw held at the 2012 Annual Meeting:
£250 Diane Montague
£100 Roger Smith
  £50 Peter Bullen
  £50 Mike Bunney

Draw held at the 2011 Harvest Lunch:
£250 Malcolm Bridges
£100 Ruth Widen
  £50 Amy Jackson
  £50 Roger Smith

Draw held at the 2011 Annual Meeting:
£250 David Collett
£100 Baroness Hazel Byford
  £50 Peter Reynolds
  £50 George Chancellor

Draw held at the 2010 Harvest Lunch:
£250 Ruth Widen
£100 Denis Frost
  £50 John Nix
  £50 Michael Pollitt

Draw held at the 2010 Annual Meeting:
£250 Mike Humphrey
£100 Godfrey Brown
  £50 Wendy Ryder
  £50 Roy Bird
  £50 Carol Twinch

Draw held at the 2009 Harvest Lunch:
£250 Tony Collier
£100 Steve Mitchell
  £50 Baroness Hazel Byford
  £50 Sarah Gregson

Draw held at the 2009 Annual Meeting:
£250 Tony Collier
£100 Godfrey Brown
  £50 Sara Gregson
  £50 Andrew Faulkner

Draw held at the 2008 Harvest Lunch:
£250 Baroness Hazel Byford
£100 Colin Jackson
  £50 David Kelsey
  £50 David Steers

Draw held at the 2008 Annual Meeting:
£250 Tony McDougal
£100 Howard Venters
  £50 Wendy Ryder
  £50 Tony Collier

Draw held at the 2007 Harvest Lunch:
£250 Peter Bell
£100 Joe Watson
  £50 David Lloyd
  £50 Jeremy Hawkey

Draw held at the 2007 Annual Meeting:
Tony Collier
Chris Walkland
David Ashton
Godfrey Brown

Draw held at the 2006 Harvest Lunch:
Ronnie Fraser
Carol Trewin
Bill Howatson
Chrissie Nicholl

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