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Management Council

Nikki Robertson
07584 022909
Nikki Robertson

The Guild is managed by a Council of 11, who are apppointed Directors of the Guild by Members at the Annual General Meeting in March, and are supported by the President and General Secretary.

The Directors are elected to represent the interests of Members, Friends and Retired Members of the Guild, deal with routine management matters and organise events of interest and value. The full Council typically meets four times a year at The Farmers Club in addition to holding one or more online meetings and attending the AGM.

The legal basis of the Guild as a Company Limited by Guarantee is detailed in the Articles of Association, which can be inspected here.

The Constitution, which sets out the structure and operation of the Guild in simplified terms, is available to download here.

In addition, the Byelaws that define additional rules concerning membership and management of the Guild are available here.

The Guild Council's senior officers are the Chairman and Deputy Chairman, who each serve a two-year term, and the Honorary Treasurer, who is elected each year.

Each Director/Council member serves a term of no more than three years before they must either stand down or seek re-election at an Annual General Meeting. Under a rule introduced in 2011, they may serve for another two years before compulsorily standing down for 12 months, after which they can seek re-election if they wish.

Honorary Members

The Council can bestow Honorary Membership on anyone who is not a Guild member but has been of special service to the Guild, such as President.


A Fellowship (FBGAJ) honours members who have given the organisation outstanding support and service. The five longest-serving Fellows of the Guild are appointed Senior Fellows; they are entitled to receive Council meeting minutes and to attend Council meetings if they wish.

Council Members

Jane Craigie
Telephone Number : 01466 780078
Tim Price
Honorary Treasurer
Telephone Number : 01789 202 233
Adrian Bell
IFAJ Executive representative; ENAJ representative; IFAJ Congress 2014 chairman
Telephone Number : 01608 637808
Ben Briggs
Website contributor; Under 35s membership
Telephone Number : 01772 799429
Simon Haley
IFAJ Congress 2014 treasurer
Telephone Number : 07783 103951
Peter Hill
Website/eAlerts Editor and Press Officer
Telephone Number : 01491 824355
Louise Impey
Awards Secretary and Eastern Region co-ordinator
Telephone Number : 01582 872271
Julie Mate
Professional development secretary
Telephone Number : 01948 667742
Clive Rainbird
Charitable Trust liaison
Telephone Number : 07971 119950
Liz Snaith
Membership Secretary and Midlands Region secretary
Telephone Number : 01743 344986
Howard Venters
Vice-Chairman; Marketing, Sponsorship & Events secretary; IFAJ pre-Congress 2014 co-chairman
Telephone Number : 01684 565533
The work of the Management Council is supported by:
Nikki Robertson
General Secretary
Telephone Number : 07584 022909
Lord Cameron of Dillington
Peter Ryder, FBGAJ
Print Bulletin Editor
Telephone Number : 01473 251 991
The Reverend Dr George Pitcher, Associate Priest, St Bride's Church, Fleet Street
Honorary Chaplain

Senior Fellows

Peter Bell, MBE, FBGAJ
Peter Ryder, FBGAJ
Eddie Gillanders, FBGAJ
David Steers, FBGAJ
George Thomson, FBGAJ

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