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Arctic, Africa and Perthshire - Rob Bryce rejoins the Guild

Published on 24th September 2014

Rob BryceRob Bryce, who has rejoined the Guild after a few years' absence, says his life long affinity for those who work and live on the land has led to a diverse and colourful career, which he describes as a ‘continual social and editorial exploration’.

As a former Hudson’s Bay Company fur buyer, Perthshire farmer, BBC Radio 4 Producer, and BBC TV Series Producer, Rob has filed copy from around the globe.

"I've eaten Muktuk, a meal of  raw whale skin and blubber, with the Inuit, experienced the horrors of the mine fields of Bosnia, and been held at knife point in a dry river bed in the Somali / Kenya border lands," he recalls. "In reporting issues affecting food production, and the human condition, much of my broadcast work has chronicled the impact of industrial agricultural practices on communities, consumers, individuals and bio diversity."

Now an independent film director and writer, Rob continues to work in the field, the studio  - and boardroom - for an eclectic portfolio of influential clients.

"Many of my projects are controversial, challenging and creative, and also ‘corporate sensitive’ and bound by non-disclosure agreements, and not for public view," he adds.

He is looking forward to the major global release of six ground-breaking ‘shorts’ produced for the Royal Highland & Agricultural Society of Scotland (RHASS) scheduled in 2015.

Peter Hill

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