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Guild course student joins RDP

Published on 1st December 2011

Angus ChalmersA past student of the Guild’s new entrants’ training scheme has been recruited to join Guild members Angus Chalmers (left, managing director) and Matt Peacock (below, media manager) at RDP Advertising & Marketing.

“Sarah Carter joined the RDP team as a PR account executive, supporting our busy PR client team,” says Angus. “She will bring with her a strong commitment to developing and promoting rural industries through accurate, insightful and well-researched communications.”

Sarah (pictured below) completed a degree in international equine and agricultural business management at the RAC, Cirencester, in 2010 and in the same year attended the Guild training scheme. She has since followed her interest in journalism, working both in the UK and overseas.

“Investment in the right people is our life blood and we continually strive to ensure we offer the skills and creativity required to deliver strong and focussed communications,” adds Angus. “Sarah will work across production and media, using her specialist knowledge in equine matters and general understanding of modern agriculture in support of our integrated approach."

Sarah CarterMatt Peacock

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