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New member: Debbie Mather

Published on 12th April 2012

dEBBIE mATHERAs someone who has a non-farming background, new Guild member Debbie Mather says she has been on a steep learning curve during her first two years in agriculture – but a very enjoyable one.

With more than 10 years spent working in a variety of marketing and communications roles, she took up the role of PR & Marketing Manager for Frontier, the UK's leading crop inputs and grain marketing business, in early summer 2010.

“All of my previous experience was gained within an engineering environment; so I had a lot to learn and quickly,” she says. “Luckily, Frontier has a culture that encourages teamwork and sharing of expertise, so I’ve never been short of a colleague to explain the intricacies of the futures market or the perils to crops of a particular disease or pest.”

Debbie’s role at Frontier’s headquarters based at Witham St Hughs near Lincoln  includes managing the company’s relationship with the media and encouraging colleagues to share topical and positive news about the company.

“It’s been great to take the skills I brought with me and use them to help Frontier share its stories,” she comments. “It’s really hard to single out the best thing about my first two years working in the agricultural industry because I’ve taken part in some fabulous events, such as Cereals and Open Farm Sunday, I’ve helped launch a new website and twitter page for Frontier, and I’ve written countless articles and news stories about my colleagues and their customers.

“All of this has been fantastic; but if I had to single out one element that has made it all worthwhile it is the people I’ve met,” Debbie adds. “The range of individuals performing myriad roles and with such enthusiasm both at Frontier and in the wider community is truly motivating.

“I’m very pleased to be part of this industry and, best of all, I’m still learning something new every day – there’s never a dull moment nor a lack of things to write about – quite the opposite!”

When she’s not writing copy or badgering colleagues for their news, Debbie can be found out walking.

“I’m fortunate to live a stone’s throw from the Peak District,” she points out. “And I enjoy a good walk – provided it ends with a trip to the pub!”

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