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New member: Gemma Mackenzie

Published on 23rd September 2011

Gemma Mackenzie

Guild member Gemma Mackenzie, livestock reporter on Farmers Weekly, grew up on a small dairy farm on the Isle of Lewis.

“Most of my childhood memories are of feeding calves, milking cows and collecting eggs from the hens,” she recalls. “So it was inevitable that that I chose agriculture when asked what I wanted to specialise in during my journalism masters.”

During the MA Multimedia Journalism course at Glasgow Caledonian University, which she completed in 2010, Gemma gained a lot of work experience at The Scottish Farmer.  Then, following a move south, she did a stint at Horticulture Week as a news reporter, before joining the Farmers Weekly team as livestock reporter in May this year.

“Working with the other livestock ladies – Aly Balsom and Sarah Trickett – I write about all aspects of livestock farming, whether it be dairy, beef, pigs or sheep, and occasionally do the odd news piece too,” she explains. “I really enjoy being part of the Farmers Weekly team and it’s always really nice to get out on farm and speak to people in the field.

“Plus, it’s always handy to pass back news and information to my dad back on Lewis, in the hope it will help with the family farm,” Gemma adds.

When she’s not busy writing about the latest livestock trends, Gemma enjoys spending time with friends; and she tries to get back up to Scotland whenever she can.


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