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New member profile – Heather Briggs

Published on 13th February 2011

Newly signed up Guild member Heather Briggs, a member of the Mistral PR team, lists her special interests as strategic PR and knowledge transfer in animal health and livestock, agriculture, fruit and vegetables, and equine.

“I’ve been involved in agribusiness for many years – including more than 20 years in Spain – working with producers, exporters and distributors,” says Heather, who has an MSc in Agricultural Economics and is a member of the Agricultural Economists Society. “As a result, I have a sound knowledge of supply chain functions and also wide experience of Knowledge Transfer at different levels, which I’ve put to good use contributing to workshops and conferences.”

Her experience also extends to market intelligence in the UK food supply chain, analysis and informing suppliers with essential details to help them make informed business decisions. Furthermore, Heather has participated in research papers published by journals such as Small Ruminant Research and the Journal of Dairy Science.

Heather Briggs

At Mistral PR, which is part of the Loud Group, Heather is senior sector manager, Agriculture and Production Animal.

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