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Rhian Price is awarded Germinal travel bursary

Published on 11th July 2015

Jamie Day, Rhian Price, Ben Wixey - 2015 Germinal Award

Above: Rhian Price with Guild Council Member Jamie Day (left) and Germinal GB national agricultural sales manager Ben Wixey.

Farmers Weekly deputy livestock editor and Guild Member Rhian Price has been awarded the Germinal Grass Champions Travel Bursary for 2015.

The Germinal Grass Champions Travel Bursary is designed to encourage good technical writing about grassland in farming, which includes articles within the broad scope of research, plant breeding, management and utilisation.

Rhian received the award for an article explaining the role of pre-mowing grazing in helping one Ceredigion dairy farm achieve 4,500 litres milk from forage from a total herd average of 6,800 litres.

The article was printed in Farmers Weekly in February 2015

The 2015 Germinal Grass Champions Travel Bursary received by Rhian is a £1,500 contribution towards the costs of her attendance at the International Federation of Agricultural Journalists (IFAJ) Congress in New Zealand in October this year.

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