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Nikki Robertson
07584 022909
Nikki Robertson

Demand for Regional Groups

There are active regional groups in Scotland and the English midlands and eastern counties, each with an active programme of meetings and activities that not only provide opportunities for members to share an enjoyable event but can also result in good stories for journalists, new ideas in communications for those involved in PR and the chance to learn new skills.

Use the links to the left of this page to see what the regional groups have been doing and to get contacts. Forthcoming events are listed on the website home page.

The key to setting up a programme of events in other areas – such as north-west and north-east England, north and south Wales, southern and south-west England – is to find one or more volunteers prepared to lead the way in setting up three or four meetings or activities each year.

Funding is available to help cover any costs incurred in running these events.

Anyone prepared to make a contribution to the Guild in this way can contact the chairman, Joe Watson, for support and guidance.

The Regions


Louise Impey
01582 872271


Helen Brothwell
02476 478813
Liz Snaith
01743 344986


Andrew Arbuckle
01337 870209
Jane Craigie
01466 780078

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