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Agri-hub matches sources to editor needs

By 30th September 2013July 27th, 2023No Comments

A team of agricultural journalists – all Members of the Guild – have joined forces to launch a new agri-media service, which aims to provide expert-written content to the style and budget required by publishers.

Designed to promote farming businesses while meeting the needs of editors in increasingly straitened times, Agri-hub brings together six experienced journalists and PR consultants with a proven track record in both print and online media.

“The world of media is changing as budget and time constraints make it increasingly challenging for the farming press to produce top-quality articles that inform and inspire their readers,” says Agri-hub founder Olivia Cooper. “At the same time, advertising budgets are under pressure, leaving agricultural businesses seeking new ways to raise their profile and reach out to their customers.

“Agri-hub brings those two needs together, drawing on the expertise of the industry to provide low-cost articles to the agricultural press, while at the same time raising the profile of featured businesses.”

She suggests as an example a publication wanting an article on best practice for silage making.

“It can be commissioned from Agri-hub at a reduced rate as our journalists will interview suitable industry experts and provide case studies from our network of members and produce editorial to the required brief,” Olivia explains. “Alternatively, our clients can propose article ideas – from yield-enhancing farm equipment to top tax tips – which we will then place in appropriate publications.”

Publishers and agricultural businesses or their PR agents can sign up to the service for free, with fees only payable on acceptance of a commission. There is also a press release hub.

Editorial balance is key, Olivia emphasises, which is why she says Agri-hub is using journalists with more than 60 years’ combined experience of writing for the specialist farming press: “We know that editors need professional, balanced articles with muddy-boots case studies, photos and videos,” says Olivia.

“Having branched into PR consultancy, we’ve found that the most successful campaigns are those that match the client’s wish to raise their profile with the editor’s need for professionally written copy,” she adds. “Agri-hub is simply an extension of that service, drawing upon a much larger client base and providing a direct link into the farming and rural press.”

In addition to Olivia Cooper, the Agri-hub team comprises freelance Members of the Guild (from left below) Aly Balsom, Caroline Stocks, Rachel Lovell, Nick Fone and Emily Padfield.