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BGAJ Midlands panel meet

By 26th May 2023July 27th, 2023No Comments

Climate change, nature and UK farming – what will it take to change the narrative?

  • Panel discussion – live in person and streamed
  • AHDB HQ, Coventry, CV3 4PE
  • Rescheduling, to be announced shortly

The current barrage of blame levelled at UK farming for generating emissions and degrading the environment is leading to calls for plant-based diets and increasing regulation of farming techniques and land management. You are invited to the above meeting to explore real and effective solutions to counter this adverse messaging.

The common defence is that far less climate warming stems from UK farming than claimed, and that remediation of the land and nature is active and ongoing – in short, that farming is the solution, not the problem. However this counter-narrative is gaining neither traction nor credence, and the industry appears to be losing the information battle in what is an increasingly polarised ‘debate’.

We’ve assembled the following panel of leading specialists operating in communications and reputation management within the UK farming industry, who will be sharing their insights and opinions on whether and how we can turn the tide on this situation – or indeed, whether we need to.


  • AHDB communications director, Roseanne Thomas
  • CIEL interim director, Phil Bicknell
  • NFU Cymru deputy president, Abi Reader
  • Chair: food and farming issues and crisis management specialist, Amy Jackson

What does the industry have to do to address the relentless noise created by a miscellany of stakeholders, and start winning friends? That’s the question Amy will put to the panel after each has given their five-minute pitch; following on there will be ample time for you to introduce your own questions.

Please also let us know if you have any burning questions or subject areas you would like addressed, especially if you are joining online, as you will not be able to ask questions live.

£10 donation for those attending.

Many thanks and best wishes


On behalf of BGAJ Midlands branch

07974 678833