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Charitable Trust draw winners

By 19th March 2010July 27th, 2023No Comments

Five Guild members who subscribe to the Guild’s Charitable Trust 200 Club were lucky enough to win cash prizes in the first of two draws being held this year.

New member, PR specialist Mike Humphrey, drew the top prize of £250 at the Guild’s annual meeting and former Daily Telegraph agricultural editor Godfrey Brown won the £100 prize.

The three £50 winners are: freelance writer and author Carol Twinch; retired member Roy Bird; and honorary member Wendy Ryder.

All have one or more £10 ‘shares’ in the 200 Club to make an annual donation to the Guild Charitable Trust, which provides practical advice and assistance, as well as financial help where appropriate, to members finding themselves in need of support.

“The 200 Club is a major source of income for the Trust and is a simple and I think relatively painless way for members and supporters of the Guild to help those amongst us who face difficulties of one sort or another,” says chairman of Trustees, Guild member Stephen Howe. “Last year, income from 200 Club subscriptions amounted to £2010; but I know there are spare shares that I hope members who don’t currently subscribe will take up.”

Total revenues in 2009 amounted to more than £9000 – down by £1200 on the previous year, largely as a result of the lack of a major fund raising event.

Donations were £1875, thanks to a contribution of £1000 from Guild funds and a number of smaller contributions; the sale of raffle tickets before and during the Guild’s Harvest Lunch raised more than £1300; the auction of two Wimbledon Centre Court tickets raised £450; and Christmas card sales generated £920. Investment dividend income remained almost unchanged at £2957 but still below 2007 levels.

“Grants to beneficiaries were down on the previous year, mainly because one major commitment was taken over by the Royal Agricultural Benevolent Institution (RABI),” adds Stephen. “Consequently, thanks to the actions agreed by trustees and the careful stewardship and guidance provided by the Trust’s treasurer, Diane Montague, it has been possible to put a further £7500 into our two charity investment funds.”

He emphasises that the Trust is able to provide financial help from income without eating into capital and that no-one should be reticent about seeking the Trust’s confidential help – or advising one of the Trustees about colleagues known to be in difficulty but unwilling to approach the Trust themselves.

Trustees: Stephen Howe (Chairman), Diane Montague (Treasurer), Grieve Carson, Denis Chamberlain, Tony Collier, Max Reader and Wendy Ryder. Friends of the Trust: Peter Bell, Peter Bullen, Mary Cherry, Derek Watson. Secretary and Guild Council representative: Don Gomery.

For more details about the work of the Charitable Trust and to download a 200 Club subscription application form, visit the Trust’s pages on the Guild website.