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Council elections and appointments

By 16th April 2011July 27th, 2023No Comments

Following Adrian Bell’s election as chairman at the annual meeting in March, the first gathering of the smaller management Council, which now comprises 11 members, elected Jane Craigie as the Guild’s deputy chairman.

Jane, who lives in Aberdeenshire and runs her own marketing and public relations business, is a keen supporter of the Guild. In her new role she will continue to co-ordinate the Guild’s presence at outside events, such as the Oxford Farming Conference.

At the Council meeting, Jane confirmed that the popular Bangers ‘n’ Beer reception will again be held on the first evening of the Cereals Event in June; likewise the buffet reception and awards presentation held for the first time at last year’s Dairy Event & Livestock Show.

The role of Awards Co-ordinator, which has fallen to the deputy chairman in recent years, has been taken on by freelance commercial communications specialist Doreen Forsyth. She revealed at the Council meeting that animal nutrition and feeding machinery company Keenan has offered to sponsor a new Guild journalism award for articles and broadcasts on innovation in agriculture; watch out for details once they have been finalised.

With respect to this and existing awards, Doreen plans to review judging criteria and the selection and briefing of judges to ensure that one of the Guild’s objectives in staging awards – to encourage professional development and high standards of journalism – is being met.

See the Management Council page to see who else helps run the Guild on behalf of fellow members.