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First smartphone farm news website launched

By 23rd September 2011July 27th, 2023No Comments

A ‘first’ for the farming industry is claimed by Farmers Guardianfor its FG Mobile website, which is purpose-designed for displaying the latest news, event information and market prices on mobile smart phones.

“This new site will make it easy to access key business information in a more convenient way and provide exclusive content not available anywhere else,” says Guild member, Farmers Guardian editor Emma Penny. ”Apart from news, market updates, event guides and picture sharing, FG Mobile will also bring together the best mobile web tools and showcase how they can work for farmers – from our app of the week to the latest updates on mobile technology.”

Because smart phones have smaller displays than a computer, purpose-designed web pages for mobiles are easier to navigate and read than a website intended for computer access, Emma adds.

“The site itself will also display slightly different content tailored to provide the information users are most likely to need when they are on the move,” she explains. “This means some longer pieces from the print edition, such as analysis and farm features, won’t be on the mobile website; but new content, such as market updates, will be included.”

Mobile phones are increasingly important tools for farmers and how they do business. With huge advances in smartphone technology they now offer almost the same functionality as a computer.

“As the first UK farming publication to ‘go mobile’ we are confident it will become an invaluable resource for farmers to keep up with the latest news and developments affecting their business,” says Emma. “Whether they are at an auction mart, out in the field, away at a meeting or an event, farmers can still have access to all the latest information to help shape their business decisions.”