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Food from our own resources

By 24th March 2010July 27th, 2023No Comments

The latest book from Guild member and Smallholder editor Liz Wright gives practical advice on growing fruit and vegetables – from small-scale production in the back garden or on an allotment to larger-scale attempts to be self-sufficient in as many foods as possible.

Due to be published by Gaia Books in May, Self-Sufficiency – A practical guide for modern living, helps readers with every aspect of home food production.

“It’s packed with practical information, expert advice and real-life experiences,” says Liz Worrall of Octopus Publishing. “Whether you want to grow a few vegetables or you’re ready to go the whole hog and relocate to the countryside Self-Sufficiency is the perfect book for families and individuals who want to make the move towards a more gentle and sustainable way of living off the land.”

Liz Wright, who lives near Cambridge, is a committed ‘green’ gardener and smallholder with 25 years experience of keeping bees, chickens, ducks, geese, goats, pigs, sheep and cows.

Her new book – a £20 hardback – contains step-by-step guidance with colour photographs and artworks on how to raise livestock and cultivate more than 100 vegetables, fruits and herbs.

It helps readers forage for food using the wild food calendar and identification guide provided; prepare and preserve home-grown food; make dairy products and use basic butchery skills.

There is also a section on eco-building and renovations, recycling and traditional crafts such as spinning, weaving and making candles.

“Self sufficiency, on all levels, is extremely rewarding,” says Liz Wright. “It will help reduce household costs and your carbon footprint by producing locally, ecologically and effectively, preparing for a future when energy will be scarce and expensive.”

Review copies are available from Liz Worrall of Octopus Publishing.