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Guild member releases book

By 23rd August 2023September 19th, 2023No Comments

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Guild member Emily Ashworth has released her book The Land Army’s Lost Women. This book sheds light on the courageous women who joined the Land Army during World War II, dedicating themselves to maintaining Britain’s essential food supply.

History frequently neglects to give these women the credit they deserve. It’s truly unfortunate because their efforts completely revolutionized food production. Before the war, as much as 70 percent of the food was imported. Yet, thanks to their determination, this situation saw a remarkable turnaround.

[My] book, I hope, will encourage people – especially the next generation – to look at this period of history. My grandma was a Land Girl – she was studying fashion in Liverpool before receiving her conscription papers and joined the WLA.

It’s in honour of her, and the other thousands of women who took to Britain’s countryside. The book is a collection of memoirs from women who I have either met myself or their stories have been sent into me from family members. There’s also a collection of poems written by Land girls themselves, that have been rarely read. I have attached some, along with a pic of me and my book, me and a land girl and some black and whites. It’s incredibly personal and sentimental!

Emily’s book is published by historical publisher Pen and Sword.






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