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Guild members launch digital platform for food and farming

By 24th May 2019July 27th, 2023No Comments

A group of Guild members has launched a digital platform that taps into growing interest in podcasts, blogs and online videos about food and farming.

EatFarmNow is described as a collection of the world’s most insightful, compelling and amusing content generated by both citizen and professional journalists.

It is all about sharing stories straight from the world’s fields, barns and kitchens, say its founders – farmer and podcaster Will Evans and rural social media consultant Simon Haley.

“Like many brought up in the thriving world of digital content, we have spent way too many hours browsing content, and we’re not alone,” explains Will.

Engaging content

EatFarmNow hosts a variety of content ranging from coverage of the big issues in farming, food and the land, through to technical know-how for farmers and growers.

Will, who launched his own Rock & Roll Farmimg podcast two years ago, is himself an example of how digital storytelling can hook people into agriculture.

He started his podcast because no-one else was doing one – and now produces weekly episodes interviewing people involved with food and farming across the world.

Rock & Roll Farming averages some 4,000 downloads each week.

Simon says the aim of EatFarmNow is to make it easier for anyone interested in food and farming to find the stories that interest them.

“Ultimately, we hope that through the platform people who eat food better understand how, where and why it’s produced the way it is,” he explains.

Other Guild members involved in the project are Jez Fredenburgh, Emma Craigie, Jane Craigie and Jenni Green.

Gritty stories

Platform editor Jez says she has a passion for getting into the gritty stories.

Her Who Gives a Fork podcast, co-presented with food journalist Nina Pullman, includes stories about the impact on South American farming communities of global demand for quinoa.

“We really want to show the huge variety of food stories that are being told by ordinary people around the world from their farms, homes and communities,” says Jez.

“What we’ve done with EatFarmNow is scour the web and our networks and put the best blogs, podcasts and videos all in one place.”

The EatFarmNow platform has been developed by TAP, a digital and content specialist agency; with marketing coordinated by Jane Craigie Marketing.

The platform’s first commercial sponsors are NFU Mutual and Kite Consulting.