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Guild members raise £210 for charitable trust

Published on 15th June 2019

Members and friends at the 2019 Bangers 'n' Beer reception raised £208.27 for the British Guild of Agricultural Journalists Charitable Trust.

It came after Guild chaplain Geoff Dodgson – also a trustee of the BGAJ Charitable Trust – took up a collection from members present.

“I failed to source a bucket, so I used a small fold-up shopping bag sourced from one of the exhibitors,” said Geoff, pictured above.

“I was greatly helped by Mick Roberts standing up and giving his testimonial about how important the trust is at times of hardship.”

The Bangers 'n' Beers reception was held in the media centre at the end of the first day of the Cereals 2019 event at Boothby Graffoe, Lincolnshire, on Wednesday (12 June).

More than 50 Guild members and friends enjoyed hot-dogs, snacks and beer generously provided by sponsors John Deere, KWS and PGRO.

Geoff said: “Thanks to the amazing generosity of all present, some £210 was raised for the Trust which helps members who fall on difficult times.”

[Photo credit: Tim Scrivener]


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