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The Guild welcomes new member Ben Pindar

By 24th April 2022July 27th, 2023No Comments

New member of the Guild, Ben Pindar, is the PR Account Manager at Red Stag Media, a national PR and digital marketing agency that specialises in agriculture and associated sectors.

Ben has almost 30 years of experience in media, PR and marketing and has worked with a host of global corporate clients, government organisations and national media outlets. He describes himself as being “passionate about developing creative strategies, grabbing headlines and writing compelling content.”

“I’ve worked at every level of the media industry, starting my career as a journalist in national newspapers before moving into regional media,” he says. “I then worked my way through the ranks to become editor of a number of newspapers and magazines, including a leading business title.”

After making the switch to PR and marketing, Ben was number two at an international PR agency, launched and operated a national Government-funded PR service for the third sector, worked with a number of universities, the Department for International Trade and two local authorities.

He also once owned a brewery.

“It’s true!,” he insists. “Now, my passion for the countryside and innovative strategies made joining Red Stag Media an obvious choice and I’m now bringing my experience and insights to the agency’s diverse range of agribusiness clients.”


Ben’s Quickfire Q&A

What gets you through a tough day?

It sounds cheesy, but having good people around me gets me through. Being able to take a break and have a laugh can work wonders.

Would you be comfortable with people hearing you sing?

Once starred in a school musical and my dreadful singing is still often a topic of conversation. Try to avoid singing now – except to embarrass my children!

How untidy is your desk?

Home office desk is carnage with decomposing layers of paperwork, kids’ craft creations and abandoned coffee mugs. Office desk is kept pretty tidy (apart from the odd pie crumb…)

Tell us something not many people know about you?

I was planning on becoming a physiotherapist before discovering a passion for journalism through a chance work experience placement.

What station is your car radio tuned to?

Radio 2 – but getting a little bit weary of it now. Think it’s an age thing…

What vehicle do you drive?

Just got rid of my 4×4 because I’m not an oil sheikh and have got a very sensible (but extremely dull) Ford Mondeo.

What’s your favourite biscuit?

Bourbon biscuits all the way – if you disagree, you’re wrong!

Name a guilty pleasure

Taking time to enjoy a glass of brandy and a cigar.

What colour are your wellies?

Just black I’m afraid – they do have steel toecaps though!

Where did you last go on holiday?

Tackled the myriad of paperwork and managed to get away to France for a week last year. Not been for a few years and I’d forgotten how much I love the country.

Glass of wine or pint of beer?

Yes please. Used to own a brewery so love a proper pint of hoppy real ale, but I’m also partial to a drop of red too.

Cats or dogs?

Always dogs. Don’t really get cats – far too judgmental.

Earl Grey or builders’ tea?

Builders tea during the working day, Earl Grey in the evenings.


All members can be contacted using the Guild’s Farming Media Centre online directory.