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Machinery writer OK down under….

By 9th April 2010July 27th, 2023No Comments

Former Farmers Weekly machinery writers met up for the first time in years when Guild member Paul Crisford caught up with Graham Fuller at his home in Australia.

Paul takes up the story: “I spent three weeks in New Zealand visiting my brother and his family, fishing and touring, etc and being so relatively close – ‘only’ a three hour hop to Australia – it seemed too good an opportunity to miss, even for what amounted to no more than a weekend visit to see Graham.

“He is in good shape and living in Toowomba, a town of about 100,000 people some 60 miles west of Brisbane. It’s situated on a plateau, which means a slightly hotter climate in winter than Brisbane and lower in winter to the extent of a few mild frosts a year, even though summer temperatures can easily reach over 100 deg F.

Guild member Paul Crisford (right) with former
machinery journalist colleague Graham Fuller

“For those who complain about rain here in Britain, there has been none worth talking about in Queensland for about six years until about a month ago. It’s the best news for farmers because the rains will mean two crops this year and billions of dollars into the economy.

“Having reached his early sixties, Graham retired at Christmas from full time work on Queensland Farmer and is now doing three days a week – from home as he always has done – allowing plenty of time to enjoy the climate and sail his catamaran. Although he still has an interest in farm machinery, he spends two days covering farming politics and news stories.

“For anyone wanting an Australian view of agriculture, Graham freelances when time allows. He can be contacted by email or telephone: 00 61 746 357205