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Meet the editor of Forestry and Timber News

Published on 15th January 2021

Stefanie Kaiser, who joined the Guild in late 2020, is an experienced communications manager and magazine editor working in the UK forestry sector.

Originally from West Austria, she has has lived in Edinburgh for nine years, and over a decade in Spain and Latin America before that.

She said: “Despite having a strong academic background in land use and sustainability, I have mostly worked in communications in one way or another – it might have to do with my personality!”

Employed by Confor, the Confederation of Forest Industries, Stefanie works closely with a wide range of businesses and individuals across the forestry and wood using sector – from seed to timber home, so to say.

“I edit our feature magazine Forestry and Timber News, which is highly regarded in our sector and beyond,” Stefanie added.  

“I also coordinate all other communications channels for my employer, develop communications strategies, lead on any creative projects we run and divert into sector branding on occasions.

“I work with a lot of interesting people from all around the UK, sourcing, writing and publishing stories from across the forestry and land use sector – from politics, to technical matters, to personal stories.

“In recent years, I have developed an increased interest in covering topics such as communication, new technologies or social aspects. Currently, climate change, rural diversification and biodiversity are at the heart of our communications.”

She says she wanted to join the GAJ because she believe that the farming and forestry sector are both part of the same story.

“It is in all our interest to design an overall sustainable and profitable use of the land; and I’d welcome increased journalistic collaboration in the future. 

“I am keen to to be contacted by editors or journalists of farming publications to explore future opportunities to source or exchange stories.

“I look forward to attending interesting networking events and CPD events to further progress in my career.”

About Stefanie

Favourite TV show: Breaking Bad

Favourite food: Vegetarian middle Eastern

Hobbies: Like a Border Collie, I feel compelled to exercise outdoors every day – if I haven’t done so before 11am – bad things happen!

My main hobby is partner acrobatics (Google it) and I’m passionate about design, nature and about hearing different people’s stories.


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