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Precision farming survey appeal

By 29th May 2012July 27th, 2023No Comments

With precision farming in its various forms having an increasing impact on agricultural production, Guild member Ian Beecher-Jones, an independent consultant on the technology, is keen to find out to what extent farmers are using the highest level precision for steering and controlling tractors and implements.

“The availability of RTK – real time kinematic – networks is allowing farmers to improve the accuracy of in-field operations to within 2-3cm,” says Ian. “I’d like to find out how many RTK networks have been created for farmers in Britain and around the World and how farmers receive the signals that permit this level of accuracy.”

Ian is conducting an online survey in the hope of getting the answers through a multi-language website – and he hopes fellow Guild members will make the survey known to farmers, dealers and anyone else involved in precision farming through their magazines and websites.

“I’m regularly asked how many networks are available and how uptake of this technology in the UK compares to other parts of the world,” Ian adds.

Contact Ian by email or mobile 07967 637985 for details.