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Prize treat at the Farmers Club

By 25th May 2010July 27th, 2023No Comments

Among the sought-after prizes in the Guild’s Charitable Trust draw at the Harvest Lunch in October is a ‘Weekend for Two’ at the Farmers Club.

Last year’s winner was Guild member Doreen Forsyth’s husband, Peter. Doreen takes up the story.

“Peter announced that he would only take me along as his guest if Cheryl Cole declined his invitation! Needless to say, and much to his chagrin, the invitation was declined and he had to take me along for our weekend in March.

“Well, second best is better than nothing I suppose, and I met up with Peter at the Club late afternoon after I had been to the BVA Marketing Awards ‘do’. He was in very good form, having eaten an excellent lunch in the Club dining room, followed by good conversation in the lounge.

“Our room was very comfortable, and we went along to the bar for a pre-theatre drink. Who should greet us but fellow Guild Council member Howard Venters, who plied us with wine, which we, of course, were far too polite to decline! It was very fortunate that we had not far to walk to the theatre. Thank goodness the Club is so central and convenient!

“On Saturday morning, we enjoyed a wonderful breakfast, beautifully served, which set us up for sight -seeing on a cold and wet day. It was so good to come back to that comfortable lounge mid-afternoon, and warm up with a hot “cuppa”.

It was a lovely weekend, which co-incidentally was my birthday. I’m so glad that Cheryl had other commitments!

Find out more about the Guild Charitable Trust, formed to support members who fall on hard times or face some personal difficulty, by visiting the Guild website here