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Useful guidance on being self-employed

By 25th June 2011July 27th, 2023No Comments

Where and when: Tuesday, July 12; 6.30pm. Stoneleigh Park, Kenilworth, Warwicks CV8 2LZ (precise location to be advised).

To help would-be freelancers explore the ins and outs of ‘going it alone’ as a journalist or commercial communications specialist, the Guild’s Midlands region has organised a talk and discussion evening by a member with plenty of experience.

George Chancellor has worked for more than 30 years’ in agri-food industry communications and aims to provide practical advice on as many down-to-earth aspects of running an independent business as possible. Key areas to be covered include time management, flat rate VAT, minimising income tax, security/insecurity, business opportunities, charging rates, marketing, client management, accountability, insurance, business structure and administration.

“I don’t intend to stand at the front and tell everyone ‘this is the way to do it’ but I will be offering tips based on my own experience,” says George. “I’d also like to encourage discussion that draws on the freelance-working experience of other members. It should be an interesting evening because mostly we confront these issues alone; I’m sure it will be helpful to hear how others handle them.”

To make the session as valuable as possible, George plans to focus discussions on the priorities identified by members at the start of the meeting. So come armed with a list of the things considered most important or difficult.

The event is open to all Guild members, not just those in the Midlands region, and there will be a £5 charge to cover expenses. Please register with Midlands secretary Liz Snaith by Friday, July 8.