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1st prize: 

Chris Walkland – Article in Dairy Farmer, November 2003
“How much can you save on your herd health bill”

In the opinion of the judges Chris Walkland’s article best met the criteria of the NOAH award in highlighting critical aspects of animal health, welfare and management as well as examining topical and relevant issues relating to farm animal care.

The article examined the benefits of developing a herd health plan and how preventative action can avoid expensive treatment at a later date.

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Claire Powell – Article in Farmers Weekly, March 2004
“Orkneys attack on BVD lifts profits”

Claire’s article again met the criteria of the award particularly focussing on how healthy cattle make enterprises more viable.

The article looked at a BVD eradication programme in the Orkneys showing how far profits rose and the use of medicines was reduced.

Highly commended: 

Andrew Arbuckle – The Dundee Courier and Advertiser, November 2003
“Breeders warned of sheep disease threat”

Andrew’s article in the Saturday edition of The Dundee Courier and Advertiser drew to the attention not only of the farming readership but also a wider, general readership an important issue facing sheep farmers.

The piece was well written, well argued and brought some of the issues facing farming into the public domain.