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Website and e-alerts

The opportunity

There is opportunity to sponsor the regular e-alerts, guaranteeing exposure in at least 12 alerts in the course of a year. Alternatively, exposure on the website pages is a means of furthering brand outreach.

The opportunity for creativity is facilitated as far as the Guild’s web platform will allow, permitting digital innovation with moving visuals, promotion of competitions, seasonal issues or industry events, to drive Guild member web traffic elsewhere where interest has been enticed.


  • Brand visibility in front of 450 strong membership
  • Digital links to your own websites or social media
  • Year-round exposure to members in the case of e-alerts and website advertising
  • Demonstrate support for the agricultural media community


  • Exclusive top banner positioning on the Guild’s monthly ealerts: £2,500 annual fee
  • Job advert ealert, including social media outreach via Guild Twitter and Facebook: £xxx
  • Website advertising from £xxx