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Peter Hill

Mike Parker

Published on 3rd December 2011

Guild member and former Poultry World reporter Mike Parker died mid-October 2011, aged 78.

He first started on Poultry Farmer & Packer in the 1960s, which merged with Poultry World in 1968. He previously worked for The Boy's Own newspaper, Tobacco World and Farmers Weekly, where he learned his trade. Mike built a reputation as a committed and accurate reporter, and was a talented photographer, winning several awards for his work with both pen and camera.

He retired in 1998 but continued to work freelance and regularly attended shows and poultry events in the eastern counties and Midlands.

Former Poultry World editor John Farrant described him as a "natural newshound with a real flair for journalism".

Guild members can add their own recollections of Mike's work by emailing website editor Peter Hill.

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