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Johann Tasker

New Friend: Tracy Wathen-Jones

Published on 30th September 2015

Tracy Wathen-Jones, a new Friend of the Guild, provides help with business communications and events - and offers a mystery shopper service.

"I am a freelance helping food and farming businesses and organisations focused on sustainability with their communications, marketing and project work," she explains. "I hope that becoming a Friend of the Guild will help grow my network and profile amongst people working in the area of food and farming communications."

Tracy Wathen-Jones 

Tracy describes herself as a sustainable food and farming advocate helping to build a more resilient food and farming system. Her interests include organic farming, agroecology, community-supported agriculture and care farming.

Freelance services include communications, marketing events, help with business start-ups, research and the mystery shopper service. But she will also take on one-off projects - including hands-on practical farming and horticulture.

"I recently completed an MSc in Organic Farming and I'm a graduate of the EU leadership programme run by the International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements (IFOAM)," says Tracy. "I'm also currently a director of the Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) Network UK."

To find out more about any her services and areas expertise, contact Tracy through the Guild's Farming Media Centre.

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