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Scottish forestry visit

Published on 28th June 2011

Members of the Guild's Scottish group are heading into the woods in July to explore the arguments for more commercial planting of trees during a visit organised by ConFor, the Conferederation of Forest Industries.

With the Scottish Government setting an ambitious target to plant nearly 25,000 acres of trees annually to mitigate climate change, it has brought foresters and farmers into conflict.

ConForMany in the agricultural world see productive farm land being lost to forestry. Foresters on the other hand see an opportunity to take advantage of good planting grants to expand Scotland's woodlands and forests.

The agricultural sector has already well voiced its concerns, but foresters have said little. This visit, organised with the Confederation of Forest Industries, will allow the other side of the story to be conveyed for the first time.

The visit to Dalbeattie in south-west Scotland is on July 15 and includes a sawmill tour before heading out to an area being planted.

Some good copy is guaranteed, says the Guild’s Scottish group secretary Joe Watson, who emphasises that all Guild members are welcome to attend. Just register with Joe so he can provide final details.

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