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Clive Rainbird
07971 119950
Clive Rainbird

To become a Member or Friend of the British Guild of Agricultural Journalists, please complete the following details.

Before starting, you will need the following:

  1. The name and email address of an existing Member (not a Friend) who has agreed to endorse your application. If you do not know any Members, please get in touch with our contact above.
  2. Your bank or building society current account details to set up an online Direct Debit instruction.

Please note: your 12 month subscription runs from the date that your application is approved. When this form is submitted, you will be asked to set up a Direct Debit online using either your own or an employer's bank or building society account. Please get in touch with our contact above if you have any payment queries.

Public Profile


Please enter the name and email address of a Member who has agreed to endorse your application.



You can become involved with the Guild as a Member or Friend. The annual payment is £72 for both (except for Student Friends who pay a reduced fee) and the benefits are similar, including a personal entry in the annual Year Book and online Farming Media Centre. But a Friend of the Guild is not entitled to vote or endorse membership applications and may not enter Guild competitions.


Personal Details

And now for some information: your home details will not be published anywhere or made available publicly but it is helpful to have them in case you change jobs and forget to tell us - which often happens! All applicants should fill in the Personal and Business sections, even if working from home, to ensure the membership database is populated correctly. Fields marked with an asterisk must be completed; others are optional.


Business Details

This information will be used for your public entry in the Guild's online Farming Media Centre directory and membership Year Book.

This text (limited to 25 words) will be published in the Guild's online Farming Media Centre and membership Year Book, so it is advisable to include any areas of special interest e.g. pig breeding or farming, arable crops, land management, conservation, country sports, etc.

Monthly eAlert Newsletters

You can enter your private or work email address, but please note it may be necessary to use a private email address if your work spam filter prevents the Guild's eAlerts from being delivered.

To complete this application, click 'Submit'. A new Window will open enabling you to set up a Direct Debit for your annual subscription payment. Applications will not be approved until a means of subscription payment is in place. If you have any queries about payment, please get in touch with our contact at the top of this page.

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