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In praise of the Guild's agri-photographers

Published on 3rd July 2019

They are rarely in the forefront, and their skills are rarely praised, but our sector’s photographers are vital for telling and selling our stories, writes Jane Craigie.

So often, photographers are the hidden members of the Guild. They are present, doing their job, but often in the background.

I saw this picture of Guild photographers Tim Scrivener (above left) and Craig Stephen taken at the Highland Show, and it made me smile and prompted me to say a big thank-you.

At a time when we all think we can do good a job taking pictures with our smartphones, I know how wrong we are.

It is your eye, your technical application and your art direction that makes the difference between a photo that will do, and one that will sell a story.

You all work so hard showing farming and rural places in the best light, and adding the final polish to the work of our journalists and communicators.

You help us out when we need you and I just wanted to say thank-you.


Johann Tasker

01206 263807


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