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Applications open for IFAJ Executive role

By 10th February 2023July 27th, 2023No Comments

BGAJ is seeking applications from members to find the next International Federation of Agricultural Journalists (IFAJ) Executive UK representative, ahead of current representative Jane Craigie stepping down from the role in March after two terms.

What is the IFAJ Executive? 

Each country represented by an IFAJ-affiliated guild or association is allocated one seat on the Executive. The Presidium is also included within the Executive Committee.

The Executive is responsible for initiating and executing the programme of IFAJ activities, and its general affairs. These include recommending applications from new members, carrying out decisions made by the Delegate Assembly and overseeing the sub-committees and their work. The Executive meets at least twice each year, with one occasion being during the Annual Congress

Executive members are expected to join IFAJ Executive meetings (some online, some in-person) and to represent the national Guild (BGAJ) and its members.

Exec members tend to get involved with IFAJ committees within their role e.g. communications, host country liaison (hosts of the annual congress), IFAJ membership (approving new members, dealing with no-payment of fees and rescinding membership), professional development etc.  

IFAJ Governance 

The IFAJ is currently setting up as a company limited by guarantee (UK company) and a separate IFAJ Foundation (a UK charity). This is being coordinated by Adrian Bell, IFAJ Treasurer.  

What is the country guild’s representative responsible for?  

This is an important role for any member Guild; it creates links to fellow journalists, communicators and their representing Guilds, across the 61 member countries.  

The country Guild’s representative is responsible for: 

  1. Representing the BGAJ as the voice for the membership 

  1. Upholding and promoting the benefits of IFAJ membership to BGAJ 

  1. Building networks and opportunities for travel and connection for BGAJ members 

  1. Reporting back IFAJ news, developments and any relevant information to the BGAJ council 

  1. Over time, also feeding back IFAJ Foundation activities, partnerships and funding 

  1. A responsibility to help seek sponsorship for IFAJ events and activities. 

Additional roles undertaken by BGAJ Executive  

Over time, the role has included the following, through the willingness of the IFAJ Exec member: 

  1. Point of contact for IFAJ Star Prize and Alltech Young Leaders’ entries (but this could sit with the BGAJ’s Awards Secretary) 

  1. Contact for international links and contacts (an informal function that can only develop once the Exec member has built up their connections and network) 

  1. Liaison with the UK ENAJ representative 

Outline of the ideal candidate for this role 

Given the importance of this role, and the investment made by the BGAJ into the IFAJ* the BGAJ Council is looking to appoint a full member of the BGAJ who has a depth of experience, both with the BGAJ and the IFAJ, and a deep commitment to the role. 

  1. This is a full Council role: the IFAJ Exec is a BGAJ director, so carries normal Council member responsibilities in addition to the IFAJ Exec representation. 

  1. The most suitable two candidates (or single candidate if they are a past Chair) will be selected by the BGAJ Council and ratified at the BGAJ AGM and confirmed by membership vote. 

  1. Past BGAJ chairs are given priority, a recognition of their work and because they will have been involved with IFAJ-related decision making.  

  1. The Exec member must also 

(a) be a full member i.e. a bona fide journalist or communicator,  

(b) have IFAJ experience and knowledge of the organisation, through Congress attendance, and  

(c) possess valuable Council experience, knowledge of the BGAJ, and member priorities/concerns, that will see them in good stead to not just represent BGAJ on the Exec but also to contribute insight and understanding to the IFAJ Executive Committee as a whole.  

The role will be for a three-year term with the option to renew for one further term. 

To apply for the role 

Candidates who want to be considered to the role must complete this form, outlining the following:  

  1. Why do you want to undertake the role? 

  1. What experience do you have with the BGAJ and IFAJ? 

  1. What will you contribute to the role and what do you want to achieve both in relation to the BGAJ Council and IFAJ? 

  1. What skills, connections and reach do you have to make you a suitable candidate? 

  1. Please provide a statement outlining your commitment to the role and what you offer [this statement will be used for AGM purposes] 

  1. Please outline your views, ideas and appetite for hosting future IFAJ events – either informal or formal (e.g. IFAJ Congress, Executive Committee meeting, press trips, etc) 

* €7/head paid annual/BGAJ member and the IFAJ Exec’s travel expenses and Congress attending expenses 

  • Applications must be completed by Friday, 3 March. A shortlist will be selected by the BGAJ council and a final vote will be made at the Guild’s AGM on Thursday, March 23.