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BGAJ holds membership subscriptions at current rate

By 27th June 2024No Comments

A message from Chair Ben Pike on behalf of the BGAJ Council.

Dear members,

As part of the Guild Council’s formal business, the cost of membership is reviewed on an annual basis and a decision is taken on whether to maintain subscriptions at their current rate or raise them.

Time is always taken to look at the overall financial health of the Guild and forecast where the organisation’s expenditure may increase or decrease in the forthcoming year. We also take into account the wider economy and how that is impacting the state of our members’ finances.

I’m delighted to say that for the membership year 2024/25 subscriptions have been held at their current rate of £85 for full members and £42.50 for students.

Many of you have already had their direct debits taken, while others fall due later in the year, but this rate will be held until at least the next financial year (April 2025) when our position will be reviewed again.

It is our hope that our ability to hold rates – in some small way at least – helps manage the the increasing costs members are facing in their personal and work lives.

Extracting the most value from your membership is very much in your hands. I would urge you to grow your network by attending one of our events. Our next Guild social and networking event will be at the Royal Welsh towards the end of July.

Or maybe enter some of our fantastic awards which carry significant cash prices. Take advantage of the discounted training your membership entitles you to, such as the photography course taking place next month, the cost of which has been kept down by the fantastic support of ABP for which we are very grateful.

We appreciate your continuing support for the BGAJ and look forward to seeing you soon.