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British Wool’s Gareth Jones becomes a Guild member

By 10th December 2013July 27th, 2023No Comments

British Wool Marketing Board (BWMB) producer communications manager Gareth Jones has become a Member of the Guild.

Gareth started his career working for the BWMB at its wool grading depot in Denbigh, North Wales, in 1988 with responsibility for administration and warehouse operations.

In November 2004, Gareth took up the position of county executive officer with the Farmers Union of Wales (FUW), a time which saw the 2007 Foot and Mouth disease outbreak, the challenge of Bluetongue in 2008 and bird flu within his own region.

In 2008, his work with FUW was recognised when the Owen Slaymaker Memorial Award was presented to the counties he represented for the work undertaken in raising the union’s profile through events, functions and meetings, promoting the union’s work and activities as well as raising awareness of the union’s policies, concerns and campaigns.

In 2008, Gareth returned to the BWMB in his current position.

He said: ‘’I firmly believe in the principles of the board as a farming co-operative and that the best way for producers to maximise the value of their wool is by collective marketing.

‘’I enjoy the challenge of communicating this important message to both producers and the industry at large and we’ve seen a higher profile and more interest in wool in recent years as global supplies become limited and demand increases. I believe there is a bright future for wool as a quality fibre and I’m proud to be working within agriculture and the wool industry specifically’’.

A proud Welshman, Gareth now resides in Knowsley, Merseyside, with his wife Michelle and five step-children, Josef, Kristy, Marco, Luca and Ayva.  A keen Liverpool Football Club supporter with an avid interest in literature and politics, he also enjoys walking and fishing.

Ben Briggs

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