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Charitable Trust needs your support to help others

By 9th July 2020July 27th, 2023No Comments

A personal message from Guild member Mick Roberts – a Charitable Trust beneficiary.

I wonder how many colleagues have heard all about the Guild’s Charitable Trust and filed it away thinking ‘thank goodness I won’t be needing that’! But for those who have fallen ill or on hard times it’s there to provide financial assistance – when it’s most needed.

Hopefully, unlike me, you won’t need it. About 16 years ago I was rushed into hospital for emergency surgery, followed by a spell in intensive care to treat peritonitis and septicaemia.

I nearly died. I have three children, and at the time the youngest was just a one-year old.

As a freelance my earning ability immediately stopped. We had literally no income. So it was a huge relief to speak to my lovely ex-colleague, Peter Bullen, who asked how I was and whether the Trust could help to pay the mortgage.

Here is part of the letter I sent to Peter after we received the cheque:

“I cannot say how much I appreciate the Trust’s help. The illness is bad enough without the worry about money. It’s quite a surprise to see how quickly normal family life consumes our savings (for this ‘rainy day’). I wish you could have seen my wife, Julia’s, face when she opened the envelope and saw the cheque. So many, many thanks again for your help – we are very grateful.”

Help when you need it most

If you are suffering from financial hardship, please don’t be too embarrassed or proud to ask for help. While Peter contacted me, I am happy to tell people what a great help it was at the time. To be honest, when I was so ill I wasn’t able to worry about money. But I now know it was a huge concern for my family.

Also, if you are fit and well, perhaps you can consider how you may help the fund? This year it will be missing the big boost the Chairman’s boot collection at the Harvest Lunch provides. A TotalGiving page is being set up for contributions – please can I encourage you to make a donation and help ‘reboot’ the fund!

I plan to personally repay my ‘debt’ to the Charitable Trust and will be undertaking a sponsored event in the coming months. So when you get a begging letter from me – please help and don’t think it doesn’t apply to you – because it actually might. 

You may never need the fund, but it provides immense support to those who do. It’s not there for people like just me, or ‘them’, but all of us. And that includes you.

To find out more about the Charitable Trust – and how you can support it, click here.