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Charlotte’s challenging fund-raising effort

By 11th August 2011July 27th, 2023No Comments

Guild member Charlotte Johnston (pictured right, above) has been pulling out all the stops to raise funds for a charitable visit to Uganda later this year. Swimming a mile in Lake Windermere with her sister and dad, and organising Ladies Pampering and Family Bingo nights have helped the effort and in August she is undertaking a 26-mile walk in the Yorkshire Dales.

Charlotte, who works for 5M Publishing as editor of is visiting Uganda with fellow Young Farmers Club members to work at Kamuzinda Children’s Village, which includes a primary, secondary and farm school.

“As we are young farmers our focus will primarily be on the farm school,” says Charlotte. “But we’ve said we will try to do something for everyone when out there, even if it’s just painting a school room or some dorms.”
The farm educates older students about sustainable agriculture and is really one of a kind, aiming to give students the knowledge to improve nutrition, generate income and improve the livelihood status of their households. 
“As well as helping out with general chores, the farm manager has suggested a few projects that we want to undertake,” says Charlotte.

These include building pens or sheds to help the farm increase egg production from the 2000 birds they have at the moment to the 6000 they want to reach; fencing off the cropped area to protect it from wild animals and thieves; planting trees and an orchard; building sheds for domestic stock such as pigs and cows; planting sweet potatoes and maize; and building a new toilet block for children studying at the farm school.

“This is a very ambitious programme and we have to raise funds to buy materials for the projects we have in mind,” says Charlotte. “Every penny donated will go towards improving the facilities and opportunities at Kamuzinda Village.” 
Charlotte will supply details of the fundraising current account she has opened so that Guild members, colleague and friends prepared to support her efforts can make a donation online or by cheque. She can be reached by email or phone: 07779 572598.