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Date for your diary: BGAJ 2024 annual general meeting

By 21st February 2024March 15th, 2024No Comments

Members of the British Guild of Agricultural Journalists are invited to hear what their Guild has planned during 2024 at the 81st BGAJ annual general meeting.

The online meeting, which will be held on Thursday, March 21 via Zoom at 1pm, will receive reports from the Chairman and Treasurer, as well as outlines from BGAJ directors for the rest of the year.

The event, which members need to register to attend, will also be an opportunity for members to stand for election to join the Guild’s Council, as well as to cast their vote for the next President.

Member elections to be held:

  • Chairman – the directors nominate Ben Pike
  • Director roles – Two positions are open for election, with current council member Rhian Price seeking re-election for one seat.
    Any other Guild members wishing to stand need to be nominated by two current members. These Nominations must be received via email by the secretary before midnight, March 11th 2024. To find out more about serving on the management Council as a director of the Guild, click here or contact BGAJ deputy chairman Ben Pike.
  • President (Baroness Ann Mallalieu has agreed to stand for a third year)
  • Honorary Chaplain (Geoff Dodgson has agreed to stand again this year).

Any motions changing the Articles of Association or Byelaws of the Guild that Members wish to put to the meeting must be received in writing by midnight, February 29, 2024.

The Council would like to propose the following motion:

  • The Deputy Chair is selected from among the directors at the next Council Meeting after the AGM. Olivia Midgeley, who is currently a director, has agreed to stand as deputy chair, however, her term of office finishes at the AGM as she has served for five years. Therefore, in this instance, the directors proposed waiving rule 21.1a of the Articles of Association (below), which would then allow Olivia to stand:

21.1 At each annual general meeting of the company:

(1.a) subject to articles 19.3 and 20.1, all those directors who have been in office for three years or more since their appointment shall retire from office. Subject to article 18, a director who retires by this article 21.1(a) is eligible for re- appointment for a further two year period by the company if he or she is willing to continue to act as a director for a second term, provided always that if a director has been appointed for two consecutive terms, he or she is not eligible for re-appointment for a third term by the company until a period of 12 months has passed from the date of his or her retirement from office at the end of the second term.

Any Member unable to attend can appoint a proxy to vote on their behalf; a proxy must be registered with the secretary but no more than 48hrs before the meeting. Friends, Retired and Student Members of the Guild do not have a vote.

To confirm your attendance or to give your apologies for absence, please contact:

Nikki Robertson / General Secretary
British Guild of Agricultural Journalists
444 Westwood Heath Road
Coventry CV4 8AA

Tel: 07584 022909 (9.15am-3pm, Mon-Thurs)