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Norfolk farmer’s new book recounts highs and lows of travels abroad

By 10th November 2023No Comments

Renowned Norfolk farmer, writer and broadcaster and Guild member David Richardson has a new book out, recounting tales of his many trips abroad to investigate farming in different parts of the world.

Called Around the World in Many Ways and published by Tricorn Books, the book describes the highs and lows of David’s many overseas adventures – from just across the Channel to more far-flung lands, such as Russia, Ukraine, New Zealand, China and the Americas.

From his first journey to Switzerland as a boisterous 13-year old (“I noticed the local girls who shared the pool with us had hairy armpits”) to his meeting with a Spanish count breeding fighting bulls (“swinging a cape and wielding a toy wooden sword”), the stories are told with good humour and an easygoing writing style.

Within it all are snippets of good advice, fascinating insights into how they do things differently in other parts of the world, more than a smattering of history, not to mention David’s words of farming wisdom. And there are pictures… plenty of them.

Around the World in Many Ways costs £25 in hardback and is available through Waterstones or by contacting David direct at

Norfolk farmer David Richardson humorously recounts his global farming adventures in his new book " Around the World in Many Ways"