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Doreen leads PR service at RDP

By 10th February 2010July 27th, 2023No Comments

Journalist and public relations specialist, Doreen Forsyth, has joined fellow Guild member Angus Chalmers at RDP Advertising & Marketing, the full service agricultural communications agency.

“Doreen will be in charge of our PR department, working with new businesses and using her knowledge to help our existing customers,” explains Angus.

“She has an unrivalled track record, having worked successfully for many leading agricultural businesses both in the UK and abroad.”

Her Northumberland base becomes RDP’s northern office, complementing the existing team located at Highnam, Gloucestershire.

Doreen’s down-to-earth approach to agricultural communications has no doubt been influenced by her first-hand experience of the industry as the wife of a dairy farmer and as an entrepreneur helping to establish a successful farm shop and restaurant business.

“This is probably the most dynamic time for the industry that I have ever seen,” says Doreen. “We have real opportunities to place the rural economy, with food at its heart, uppermost in the minds of both government and consumers.

“I’m looking forward to delivering successful PR, which I firmly believe builds reputation,” she adds. “This reputation will be so important for both companies and the industry as we move into a new era for agriculture.”