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Fun book of farm facts raises money for charity

By 19th October 2017July 27th, 2023No Comments

A fun book of ‘Farming Facts and Fake News’ compiled by Guild Member Andrew Arbuckle is raising money for charity.

The lighthearted book of lists covers the range of activities down on the farm – and stretches back into a previous era as well as recording what is happening today.

Reflecting modern life, some of the lists could be considered fake news but Andrew and co-author John Arbuckle say they have every confidence in the reader recognising any strangers to the truth.

If you are looking for details on the biggest turnip or the heaviest yield of grain, this book is not for you. It includes many lists that may provoke an argument but few that will settle a dispute.

All the proceeds from the sales of “Farming Facts and Fake News”, compiled by John and Andrew Arbuckle, will go to the Royal Scottish Agricultural Benevolent Institution (RSABI), the charity supporting people in Scottish agriculture.

It is hoped the new book will prove as popular as “Farming is a Funny Business”, the previous book collated by John and Andrew Arbuckle which sold almost 6000 copies and has so far raised almost £50,000 for RSABI.

“As far as we know there has never been a book of lists about farming and the countryside and the idea behind the new book was to fill that gap,” says Andrew.

“Our new book covers the whole range of farm activities, in past and present day, with a mix of factual and fun lists.

“Our hope is that, after such a long dreich summer, it will raise a few smiles as well as funds for a brilliant Scottish farming charity.”

Readers will find a huge variety of highly entertaining lists, from the most influential people in Scottish agriculture to the oldest clubs, most popular traditional songs and highest livestock prices.

There are also plenty lighter, fun lists – ranging from alternative uses of wellie boots to countryside odours, rostrum rhetoric and top farming songs.

The book also bravely tackles some of the serious issues facing modern-day farming – such as the thorny topic of farm succession.

RSABI chief executive Nina Clancy says: “Our sincere thanks go to Andrew and John Arbuckle for all the work they have put into producing this book which has an incredible 120 lists to enjoy.

“With Christmas not far away, the timing of the launch of the new book is a perfect opportunity for people to buy a stocking filler guaranteed to raise a few chuckles and help raise money for a charity which strives to support people in rural Scotland.”

Farming Facts and Fake News is for sale in many farm shops around the country and can also be bought from the shop on the RSABI website here.